Should runners weight train?

Niall O’Crualaoich is back again with an in depth look at strength training and the principle of interference.  And no that’s not referring to what his wife does when he’s trying to use the squat rack in his kitchen…!  Read it all here

A stronger grassroots culture needed in Track and Field

James Sullivan is currently spending some time overseas and is using the opportunity to check out local sports facilities in various places.  Here he talks to us about athletics in Australia and the lessons that can be applied closer to home. Read it all here

Looking to lose weight?

It’s a New Year and many of us have decided to shed some weight.  And it’s amazing how many runners (of all shapes) I’ve met who’ve mumbled that they’re looking to shift a little more bulk to get down to their “racing weight”.  But food, weight and exercise is a complex area that has as much to do with psychology as physiology.  Gerard Martinez tells us a little of his own relationship with food and how he had to change how he thought to change how he ate.   Read it here

Another week finished already?

Yes it has and it was another goodie.  We got the reviews up that we promised, had some great articles added and unveiled our Antwerp reviewer.  And we opened up an invitation to review the Worlds Largest Half Marathon, even though it is officially sold out (the place is still open if you want to get your name in the hat, by the way).  Click on the logo header above for links to all of that content.

We’re more or less on holidays between now and the first week of January but will probably add bits and pieces as we go so do keep an eye on things here, as well as on our Twitter Account and on Facebook (feel free to follow and friend by the way!)  And as always if you feel like writing for us then get in touch on the usual address, the email will be monitored all through the break so don’t be shy.

So that’s it – thank you for reading since launch (only three weeks ago!) and we look forward to bringing you lots more exciting content through 2011!

What’s coming up next week?

Well that was a good week wasn’t it?  Newtons running principals, free trainers, free race entries, cold marathons and racing across America to name a few.  Where else can you get a mix like that?!

And we have lots more lined up for this week…  Sheila is back bemoaning the fate of the Ultra Widow, Gerard gives us part two of Lisa’s amazing story and we have an A-Z of Athletics in 2010 from James Sullivan.  All going well we should also have the Chia Charger reviews and maybe even the initial first impressions from the Precision Fit review.

And I’m working away at getting more products and race entries for us to review so keep an eye out here, on our Twitter Account and on Facebook (feel free to follow and friend by the way!).  And if you feel like writing for us then get in touch on the usual address – I’m especially interested in hearing from coaches and those who deal with sports injury but we will consider all running related content.  The site is strictly volunteer based for now but readership is growing at a rapid rate so it’s a great platform to build a name and reputation or just share what you know.

Talk to you all soon

Andrew McDonagh


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