While covering the European Championships in Zurich, James Sullivan came across something a small bit out of the ordinary.


Multi-cultural Mike becomes a hit in the Letzigrund

While the principal stories at any major athletics championship centre on the athletes vying for gold, silver and bronze, there are often quirky side acts, which may enlighten the whole stadium, or even just a small section of it. Throughout the six days of competition at Zurich 2014, one British gentleman by the name of Mike lit up the spectator area close to the finish line and opening bend, with his renditions of multiple national anthems during the medal ceremonies. Whether it was his native country, Great Britain, or somewhere in Eastern Europe, Mike made the effort to sing out in full operatic style, to honour those who had become European Champion.

The video below provides a selection of Mike’s finest moments from Zurich 2014. On behalf of The Running Review, and no doubt many others in the media, I’d like to thank Mike for providing us with many days of entertainment.

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