A chance to review the organic superfood energy boost snack

One of the things that I wanted to achieve with this website was the creation of an honest review space, where runners would exchange open opinions on races, kit, nutritional products and so on.  Well I am really pleased to say that we have our first review product on board already – the Chia Charger

Chia Chargers are energy dense sports snacks that provide an organic, wholesome alternative to the synthetic gels and bars that endurance athletes normally consume.  They are particularly rich in the Chia seed which has been tagged a “superfood”.  What is Chia – well The Wise Geek website says:

In recent decades, chia has seen a resurgence in popularity and has been hailed as a “super food” with many dietary benefits. It helps the body retain fluids and electrolytes, it forms a gel in the stomach that slows the conversion of carbohydrates to sugar, and it helps build muscle and other tissues. Chia is a source of protein and boron, which aids in the absorption of calcium.  (link)

Thier use in sports nutrition may come from the fact that the famous Tarahumara tribe use them as a staple part of their diet, and with a water absorption ratio of 9:1 (nine parts water to one part seeds) you can understand why.

So Jason from the CaBara Co has very generously agreed to provide some review packs for us to try out.  Each review pack comes with three individually wrapped Chia Chargers for use before, during and after intense or prolonged exercise; just as you would a more traditional sports carb product.  One review pack will go to Richard (our resident writer on all matters training related) but two packs are up for grabs by readers.  In return for your FREE sample pack you have to come back on here and tell us what you thought of the product.

To apply for one of the review packs simply email editorial@therunningreview.com with the answer to the following question:

What percentage more protein is found in chia than in other grains? Hint – the answer is on the Chia Charger website!

Include your mailing address in your email with the answer and we will pick a couple of winners at random and be in touch.

** UPDATE **

Well thank you to everyone who applied to do the review, we’ve picked some names and the review samples should be off and out to over the next few days.  Keep an eye out on here and we’ll get the reviews up as soon as everyone has had a proper chance to give the Chia Chargers a proper workout…

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