You read about the website, now read about the shoes!

The review of the Precision Fit website was a huge hit with readers last year and now the writers have had a week or so to settle into their new trainers.  So did the website recommend the right trainers?  Rachel is up first and her review is here

The PrecisionFit Website review

Well this one also took a while to get off the ground – a lot of logistics – but we got there eventually.  Three people with a range of race times all went through Mizuno’s PrecisionFit website so they could write up a review.  Read Rachel, Ronan and Andrews reviews and let us know what you think!

The Chia Charger Review is here!

It took a while but here it is, at long last.  What did our three reviewers think of the Chia Charger sports nutrition product?  Read this and find out…

Gothenburg Half Marathon Reviewer needed

You know the deal – we give you free entry, you write a review.  Simples!  Details here

Baystate marathon review

Brian Christensen lets us know what he thought of the Lowell Sun Half / Baystate marathon in Massachusetts.  Read all about it here

Free entry to the Antwerp marathon if you review it for us…

Antwerp looks like a great marathon judged by the website.  Is it as good as it seems?  You tell us!  Details here.

UPDATE:  Reviewer selected!  Meet her here

Review at home gait analysis and the trainers it recommends…

We’ve teamed up with Mizuno to look at the Precision Fit gait analysis website and we have a couple of free pairs of trainers for our reviewers, read more here

Do you want to review Chia Chargers?

We are looking for a couple of readers to review Chia Chargers, the sports nutrition product.  Full details here

Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger& Douglas

Andrew McDonagh reviews what he calls “the bible for long distance training

Read the full review here…

The FIRST marathon program

You want to run a marathon but you can’t commit to a traditional training plan, maybe you don’t have the time or the interest.  But that doesn’t need to stop you!  Rónán Mac Con Iomaire details a revolutionary training plan and how it worked for him.  Read all about it here

Frankfurt marathon review

Frankfurt may not have the big-name status of New York or Berlin, but if you’re looking for a fast and very well organised Autumn marathon, it is well worth paying a visit to the banks of the river Main, as David Walsh-Kemmis found out.  Read all about it here

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