You know the deal by now.  We give you free entry to a race.  You tell us about yourself, your training and what you thought of the race.  Simples!  How do you fancy running the Gothenburg Half Marathon?

The Gothengurg Half Marathon is a *huge* event.  Across all of the various races they will have around 75,000 entrants and 58,000 (!) runners will take to the streets in the half marathon.  It’s huge, one of the biggest half marathons in the world and will take place on May 21st 2011.

Do you want to be here next year?

And – with the exception of charity places – the organisers have told me that the race is full.  Already.

But not for us it’s not!  The organisers have agreed to give one of our readers a free entry to the half marathon.  All you have to do is write about your experiences – an honest review of the race. Does it deserve to be this big?  How does it feel for a runner to race in a field of that size and how does it compare to other half and full marathons?

You tell us!

If you are interested drop me a line on the usual address and I’ll fill you in on the details.  The speed you run at is irrelevant but ideally you’ll have done a few other races for comparison.

Small print:  The reviewer will receive a complementary entry to the Gothenburg Half marathon on May 21st 2011.  they are responsible for their own travel and accommodation and the Running Review accepts no liability for any loss or injury that occurs during training or racing this event.  The selected athlete will be expected to provide a biography, photograph and occasional training updates as well as a comprehensive review of the race.

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