Yesterday was Rachel’s impressions.  But what did Rónán Mac Con Iomaire make of his shoes?  Having had gait analysis in the past did the website match his feet to the right shoes?  Find out below…

It’s always a pleasant surprise to receive a parcel you’re not expecting, and having done the Mizuno Precision Fit gait analysis last month, I had forgotten that the recommended pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 14’s were winging their way to the west coast of Ireland for review.

Now, my honest first reaction when I opened the parcel was disappointment.  Black shoe laces and a black tongue gave the shoes an almost funereal look, especially compared to some of my other, slightly over-flamboyant shoes.  No matter, they were not for looking at but running in.  The Wave Riders (310g) are slightly heavier than the Asics Noosa (249g) and the Saucony Kinvara (220g) that I normally run in, but definitely do not feel like heavy shoes, and are considerably lighter than the Asics Kayanos now resigned to the back of the wardrobe.

So far so good for the Precision Fit website

I pulled them on the following morning for a six mile tempo session, and conscious of new shoes that needed reviewing, I was perhaps paying more attention to them than was healthy.  Following an education in running from Catherina McKiernan, I am now more inclined to land on my midfoot rather than on my heel, and and the forefoot cushioning on the Wave Rider felt a little firm on the first outing.  The heel cushioning, however, using Mizuno’s Wave system, is positively luxurious, but without that soft feeling I get from cushioned Nike shoes, for example.

My next run in the Mizunos was an interval session, on road rather than on grass or track, and I headed out for the run not as aware of the shoes as I had been on the previous run.  They definitely felt better though, probably as a result of being broken in from the first run, and the forefoot cushioning felt perfect.  Hell, they even looked better, as I admired the black trim running up through the middle of the shoe during my rest intervals!

It’s early days yet, but my early impressions of the Mizuno Wave Rider’s are overwhelmingly positive despite initial doubts.  I’ve done three runs in them, and it’s testimony to the shoes that I am not aware of them during sessions.  The gait analysis recommendation seems to have been spot on, as there are no niggles arising from the shoes whatsoever.  I look forward to longer sessions in them, which is as much a recommendation that I can give, and should have a more complete picture, and review, of the Mizuno Wave Rider 14 in a few weeks time.

In case you’ve forgotten here is Ronan’s original review

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