An in depth website deserves an in depth review so myself and two other runners covering a range of speeds have each written a separate review of the new Mizuno MyPrecisionFit website.  First up here is Rachel…

Rachel Jevens

Rachel is 39 and  married with 3 kids. She’s one of those people who said “I’d love to run a marathon at some stage“, even though she’d never run at all, not even in school (unless you count the 400m on school sports day in 1985, where she came 5th out of 6…!)

She started running in March 2009 after her sister in law bought her a book called How to Run. She started running for 30 seconds at a time and slowly, slowly built it up.  Her first race was the Great Ireland Run (10k) in April ’09, she wanted to finish in less than 70 mins and did it in 69!  Yay!  When she did the same race this year, it was in 56 mins which she says “may be slow compared to some people but it was a vast improvement for me!”   She followed this with the Adidas race series in ’09 (5 mile, 10 mile and half) as a build up and preparation for Dublin City Marathon (DCM). She finished DCM but had been sick in the final few weeks so her time wasn’t as good as it could have been. But she did it and had been bitten by the bug!  She’s done a few races since – the Raheny 5 mile, the St. Patrick’s day 5k, some of the Adidas race series again. The goal for this year was DCM – the comeback!  But with 9 weeks to go, injury struck in the form of a left tibial stress fracture.  “Devastation is not the word” she says.

Now, she’s slowly coming back with the immediate aim of Marato de Barcelona in March and the big one – her 40th birthday in November, celebrated by running the New York marathon! Her race pace is a 8 – 9 minutes per mile and this will be her year!

Rachel’s review:

I found the PrecisionFit site very easy to navigate. There were 9 questions in total: weight, pace, foot type, foot rotation, foot strike, static leg axis, flexibility of ankle joint, dynamic leg axis and the finger test. The accompanying video to each question in most cases was useful – especially the foot type, although I did look a bit ridiculous carrying a basin and a newspaper over to the computer to check my foot type! The instructions in each section were also fairly easy to follow. With the dynamic leg axis question, it might be easier to check this with somebody watching to see if your legs are in a straigh

t line or if the knees are turning in, or of course you could always check in front of a mirror…

I was recommended neutral shoes by the PrecisionFit system. Looking at the analysis, I only ticked two boxes for overpronation, one for supination and the rest were neutral. So neutral shoes it is… However I had my gait analysed quite recently and was recommended support shoes. But I also need orthotics so was told neutral shoes were best, hopefully this will be the same with the Mizuno shoes.

Wave Creation, one of the reccomended shoes for Rachel

I think I’d be fairly confident with the analysis given by the site – I reckon most of the questions they asked would have been answered in the same way if a video had been taken of me running. The only one that didn’t seem to make sense was the finger test, until the analysis explained it meant I had normal connective tissue, always good to know! I think it would be easier though to have someone with you to double check while you’re running the test. I did a lot of looking between m

y legs and feet, and then back at the screen. If someone was sitting beside me, it might have helped.

Some of the language could do with being explained, maybe with a Q&A section at the side: I don’t think I’m the only person who doesn’t know what knee kinematics are. All in all, it is a good site: user friendly, clear and easy to use. The stretching and strengthening exercises given after the analysis are always handy to have. Now, bring on the shoes and we’ll see how they feel!

Read Ronan and Andrews reviews for the rest of the picture…

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