James Sullivan gives a taste of some of the best quotes of the 2013 World Championships, straight from the mixed zone and press conferences.

It’s no big secret that since myself and Marian have been together, everything has been positive for me so this is huge for her as well and she is a huge part of it. She has to put up with all my humours, and put up with everything all year, and I could come away to a championships and be in great form for the week but I can also be a briar. – Rob Heffernan, on the role played by wife Marian with regards his gold medal success

Rob Heffernan

It’s the best I have felt in a championship so it’s really disappointing to only clear 4:30. There’s no excuse. It’s frustrating, it’s disappointing. 4.55 made it to the final and it feels like that is well within my reach. I keep improving every year which is good. I just hope to get the consistency level up to where my PB is. I still feel I have a lot as an athlete to learn and grow, and I learned a lot about myself this year and the consistency is definitely better than it was last year. I wanted to get the qualifying standard early enough in the season just so I could relax and get it out of the way. I’d like to just be at the point exactly where I could be hitting 4.50s and 4.60s more consistently towards the end of the season. There have been baby steps this year and there has been an improvement from last year. I just hope the same thing goes for next year. – Ireland’s Tori Pena, after being eliminated in the qualification round of the women’s pole vault

He’s mentioned it and we have talked about it a little bit but it’s going to be hard to determine what distance to run and then what time of the year we’re going to run it. So it’s kind of complicated but if it’s going to happen then I’m sure you guys will know about it. – Usain Bolt, on the possibility of racing Mo Farah over 500m or 600m

I always have bad finishing. I don’t know how to dip in a race and also I did not see Christine Ohuruogu when she came up on me. I think if I could have seen her then maybe I could have put my chest in. – Amantle Montsho, on how she ran the last 20m of the women’s 400m final

We are so passionate about sport and we love our sport in Ireland and the country could be sunk tonight like. – Rob Heffernan, on how he thinks the Irish will celebrate his victory in Moscow

Unfortunately with the way the event went last year, the way it is in the sport, I was able to enjoy the medal back in New Zealand on September 17th, but does this make up for it? No. This is a whole new competition; this is the world championships, not the Olympic Games. – Valerie Adams, after claiming her 4th consecutive World Championship gold in the women’s shot putt

Valerie Adams

There was athletics before Usain Bolt and it didn’t do too badly, and when Usain Bolt finishes there will be athletics also. As a sport, we are there to compete, we are there to participate, and Usain is just a sporting phenomenon, not just in athletics, he transcends our sport, he hits every type of pages. He’s probably one of the biggest sports stars in the world and I just think we are lucky enough that he participates in athletics. I don’t think the sport itself promotes Usain Bolt, I think Usain Bolt promotes Usain Bolt and there is a major difference there. I just think we are very very lucky at this moment in time that we do have him in the sport, because he will have an influence on every single competitor way down the line. We’re talking about the youth athletes. We’re talking about younger than that. Young kids will want to be Usain Bolt. I can imagine shot putters wanting to be running just as fast as Usain Bolt because he’s an iconic figure in our sport. Even when he does retire people will be remembering him and will be talking about Usain Bolt. – Colin Jackson, on the publicity that surrounds Usain Bolt, and whether the media are turning athletics into a one man sport

There’s a screen on each end of the course, and just as I was turning the corner, Rob was crossing the line, and I just let out a scream. At that point with about 3k to go I got a rush of adrenaline which lasted for about 50 metres, and then I just crashed again. – Irish 50km racewalker Brendan Boyce, describing his reaction to Rob Heffernan’s victory while still on the course competing

I know that when I came home from London, Marian and I went to a lot of cross country races with the kids, and there were kids race walking around cross country courses and I’ve seen kids race walking to school, and it was just a massive exposure for the sport. If there is a system put in place and if kids get an opportunity, kids are like sponges, if kids see this then they’ll want to walk. We need to have a system there where they get the opportunity to do it but I’ve no doubt that after kids seeing me winning today and after the impact of London that there’s a huge opportunity, if we put a system in place, to develop race walking in Ireland. – Rob Heffernan, on the future of race walking in Ireland

For me I think that question should be directed to the head of our federation and of course to somebody from the Jamaican anti-doping agency. I can’t answer that question. Thank you. – Shelly-Anne Fraser-Pryce, when asked about Jamaica’s poor anti-doping testing and procedures, recently reported by WADA

This is Part 1. See here for Part 2.

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