Zoning out

We are entering the Autumn marathon and road racing season with many people putting the finishing touches to their training for the Berlin Marathon and New York City Marathon among others. One area that may be overlooked by many however is training the mind. Luke Coleman gives some interesting advice on how to block out those negative thoughts when the body is feeling fatigued.  Read about it here

Change it up

There must have been something in the water this week because Ian Mountford also decided to write about cross training, here in the context of the importance of throwing a bit of much needed variety into your training to keep it fresh.  Some much needed advice in the drab , dark days when we all need to keep the training interesting to keep the training going…  Read it here

Get motivated!

Gerard is getting all set for a 100 mile race and he’s getting his head ready by finding the most motivational videos he can.  Check them out here and let us know what he’s missed…

Gothenburg Half Marathon Reviewer needed

You know the deal – we give you free entry, you write a review.  Simples!  Details here

Running on Ice

Ronan gives us the survivors guide to winter training, including a cheesy pun…  Read it all here

Baystate marathon review

Brian Christensen lets us know what he thought of the Lowell Sun Half / Baystate marathon in Massachusetts.  Read all about it here

Goal setting

Another article from one of our most popular writers, here Ian Mountford talks us through his own goal setting process and why it’s important to him and his focus.  Read all about it here

Free entry to the Antwerp marathon if you review it for us…

Antwerp looks like a great marathon judged by the website.  Is it as good as it seems?  You tell us!  Details here.

Arthur Newton, who’s he?

Another brand new writer for you – Ian Mountford; runner, charity activist and Olympic volunteer.  Here he introduces us to one of the masters of endurance training, Arthur Newton.  Don’t forget to check out Ian’s blogs and Twitter feed, linked at the end of the article.

Review at home gait analysis and the trainers it recommends…

We’ve teamed up with Mizuno to look at the Precision Fit gait analysis website and we have a couple of free pairs of trainers for our reviewers, read more here

Just starting out?

It’s a huge and terrifying thing just starting out but never fear, Ray Cunnigham has been there and won the t-shirt.  Here he gives us the benefit of his wisdom and experience.

Start Line inflation…

Andrew McDonagh takes an ever so slightly tongue in cheek look at a plague sweeping the world of road running…  Read all about it here

Winter blues affecting your training?

Richard Mullins looks at an unusual suspect for why you might be less iclined than normal to get your training done.  Read all about the “sunshine vitamin” here

Advanced Marathoning by Pfitzinger& Douglas

Andrew McDonagh reviews what he calls “the bible for long distance training

Read the full review here…

The FIRST marathon program

You want to run a marathon but you can’t commit to a traditional training plan, maybe you don’t have the time or the interest.  But that doesn’t need to stop you!  Rónán Mac Con Iomaire details a revolutionary training plan and how it worked for him.  Read all about it here

Frankfurt marathon review

Frankfurt may not have the big-name status of New York or Berlin, but if you’re looking for a fast and very well organised Autumn marathon, it is well worth paying a visit to the banks of the river Main, as David Walsh-Kemmis found out.  Read all about it here

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