Running across America Part Two

And our Texan lawyer is back – spare a thought for him as he’s slogging through his Finals as we speak but here is Gerard Martinez with part two of his series on Lisa’s run across America, read it here

Running across America

Another writer new to the site; please welcome Gerard Martinez who manages to combine studying law in Texas with writing and ultra running.  In the first of a (so far) three part series we republish here his account of an incredible woman on the journey of a lifetime.

Great trail runs:  Howth Cliff

One of the great pleasures of off road running is exploring trails and seeing spectacular scenery.  In the first of what we hope will become  an occasional series Brian Christensen guides us around one of his favourite runs, the Howth Cliff run near Dublin, Ireland.  Read the article here

Do you have a much loved trail run?  Would you like to share it with the world?  Email me at and we promise we won’t all come and run it at the same time…

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